The Vegetable Garden Information

   The Vegetable Garden educates people of all ages on the growing techniques of sustainable agriculture. The garden and surrounding area produce abundant biodiversity and organic matter including: vegetable production, orchard groves, composting, vermiculture, berry patches, and a contemplative space for prayer.

   The garden sets an example for farm visitors to experience permaculture methods of planting and harvesting. The garden demonstrates traditional agriculture combined with modern knowledge about organic gardening and will empower visitors to implement these techniques on their own properties.


    The location of the Vegetable Garden is optimized because of placement in relationship to existing infrastructure. Parts of the original dairy operation will be utilized in order to carry out this mission. By adaptive reuse and an intensive natural gardening, Green Meadows Farm is a shining example of the caretaking of God’s creation for everyone that visits.

    While we have not formalized options for renting a plot in the garden, we welcome any inquiries if you are interested. We may be reached during business hours at the office: (804) 265-8427.