Good morning, Debbie and Harrison, We wanted you to know how much we appreciated, enjoyed and were blessed by the First Event activities.
On our way home from the event, we were discussing what an absolutely wonderful day it had been. The weather was perfect, the speakers were
on target, the fellowship was encouraging, the food was delicious and Grace was amazing!! You, Harrison and the staff were also amazing!
Great job!! The farm was a perfect setting for God to be revealed to all those in attendance. Such a memorable experience for everyone,
particularly the children. We believe this will be something they will recall in the future when they need encouragement.
As you surrender yourselves and use the farm to touch and bless the lives of others, we believe God will reward you with favor and increase the harvest of souls for His Kingdom.
Our love and prayers for God’s continued guidance, strength and wisdom in your ministry for Him. Keep listening to His voice!

In Christian Love,

Pastor Ken and Eunice
April 22, 2011

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my visit! You are excellent hosts. The memories that just flowed back (from my childhood) at your parents’ home were almost overwhelming. It was great, and I took my experience with everything there as another gift from God! I have taken a second look at my faith since my visit and am working harder at self-improvement with our Lord’s help. I just wanted you to know that your basic plan for the farm, did work for me!

Thank You!
April 18, 2010